Planning and Landscape Design Firm – InSite

InSite, the specialized urban planning and landscape design practice, announced its new brand inspired by the concept of Planning for Living.

Based in the UAE, with offices serving 7 countries, the firm launches with one of the largest, dedicated professional staff headquartered in the Middle East.

“This is an exceptional time to be working in this market,” said Angus Robertson, Managing Director of InSite. “The pace and scale of assignments in this region has attracted many of the world’s leading planning and placemaking talents to our doors. Together we are committed to plan and create distinguished, sustainable, high-functioning and deeply desirable built and natural environments.”

Born from KEO, InSite offers a fully-integrated master planning, urban design and landscape architectural design services recognized for inspired, yet pragmatic solutions. InSite’s ability to draw global talents to the market has been key to the launch of a specialized firm. He continued, “InSite is distinguished by agile thinkers and dynamic problem-solvers. Client focused professionals. Working right here.”

“We are a purpose-led firm,” said Robertson. “We’re committed to high-performance planning that serves as a foundation for economically, socially and environmentally successful development.” Said Robertson, “We want to be the firm remembered in 100 years for the discerning choices we make today.”

“The natural environment here, while seasonally harsh, offers a reserve of untapped value to development,” said Robertson. “What a sensational opportunity we have at InSite, to serve our clients through our designs that can use resources of the natural environment to enhance the experience of users, while improving the economics and operational function of designed places.”

Robertson added. “Given the unique topography, climate, geology and horticulture of the region – and the iterative nature of landscape design – you really have to be here, to effectively work here.”

Donna Sultan, KEO’s Chief Executive Officer said “Launching InSite follows our strategy to have stronger connections to our clients through specialized branded groups that can better serve client requirements more directly.”

In concluding, said Robertson “InSite is a stewardship organization. All of us share a profound sense of responsibility to place users and their unique needs, with an eye to the future. We embrace our clients’ opportunities and ambitions, while respecting the character of communities and the preservation of this area’s natural resources.”

About InSite.

InSite. is an urban design, master planning and landscape architecture design practice with one of the largest professional resources of specialist professionals located in the Middle East. Based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, the firm’s award-winning solutions are a tribute to careful planning and thoughtful design, with a clear sense of purpose: To plan and create distinguished, high-functioning and deeply desirable built and natural environments.

Owned by KEO International Consultants, InSite delivers full range of urban designs, master planning and landscape architecture design services from discovery and conceptualization, to design, and implementation.

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