The headquarters of Haya Water Oman is situated in the Ghala Industrial District in Al Ansab, Muscat. The site covers more than 100 hectares of land, much of which has been transformed into a thriving wetland landscape to provide a major visual enhancement to the Muscat Expressway. Within the extensive Al Ansab site, Haya Water has built new sewage treatment plant (STP) facilities to meet the consistently increasing demand from an expanding population. The company has a strong sustainability policy and provides millions of liters of treated sewage effluent (TSE) to the Muscat area for the irrigation of green spaces. The new headquarters and STP facilities offered numerous opportunities for upgrading consistent with the master plan, and for creating a much improved visual impact along the expressway. This environmentally sustainable development emphasized sensitivity to the character and landscape of the locality.

The master plan for the Haya Water Al Ansab site places a high priority on the use of sustainable development design strategies, including the reduction of irrigation demands and of heat gain. Substantial green and planted spaces provide shade, under which meandering paths connect the different buildings. Landscaping was designed in sync with the surrounding wetland areas and their distinctive flora and fauna. The wave patterns produced by this carefully designed planting provide a living buffer and echo the form of the Haya Water company logo.