The National Disaster Recovery Center (NDRC) Project is located in Nizwa, Oman. KEO was subcontracted to Devoteam for the buildings and site planning scope of work. The end user and owner is the Information Technology Authority (ITA) of Oman.

As per the security requirements, the building is set within an exclusion zone, with an outer perimeter fence to restrict accessing the site on foot and cameras to monitor the area. Within the inner zone, the buildings, parking and immediate zone around it will be protected by a boundary wall. The building is designed to have small arms fire and blast resistance.

The architectural layout consists of two separate buildings. One is a contiguous main building with two adjacent data center blocks, NDRC 1 and NDRC 2, in the ground floor, and a connecting two storey block to house the related administrative offices. The other is an accommodation building, with recreational amenities, kitchen facilities, a server, and dining and back-of-house support facilities on the ground floor, and living quarters on the first floor.