ADEC’s organisational goals required a new headquarters building which was sustainable and incorporated the four pillars of the Estidama Pearls Design System - economic, cultural, social and environmental. We were guided in our design for the ADEC Headquarters by our technical capacity in using Estidama Integrative Design Process (IDP) and the Pearls Design System, as well as our understanding of ADEC’s vision, mission and values statement.

Within the courtyard for the ADEC Headquarters building there are numerous terraces on different levels, creating a perfect indoor/outdoor area which can be used for a variety of purposes. The semi-covered planted courtyard reduces the “heat island” effect and provides an enhanced overall indoor environmental quality. These terraces are strategically positioned adjacent to meeting rooms on all levels to create informal landscaped gathering spaces.

The triple height gallery creates an ideal space where ADEC can present programming illustrating its role as an education leader in Abu Dhabi. This gallery can be used for showcasing historic cultural images, school activities, and educational text which can be painted on walls to illustrate environmental facts about the building. LED screens feature data which tracks building performance in real time. In this space, ADEC can feature presentations generated at Abu Dhabi educational institutions and also exhibitions loaned by local museums.