Saudi Arabia

A consortium of 22 international companies, led by Agility Logistics & AlRajhi (Saudi Arabia), submitted a proposal for the Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) tender for Saudi Arabia’s privatized Land Bridge Rail project. KEO international Consultants led the infrastructure team and Scott Wilson Railways (SWR) the rail team, on behalf of the consortium to deliver the tender design of the new route. The Land Bridge Rail project is the cornerstone of the extensive Saudi Railways Expansion Program - a massive development designed to transform the Kingdom’s existing rail network into a world-class freight and passenger transport system. The existing network only consisted of a direct link between Riyadh and Dammam (SRO no.1), and a second line linking the cities via Harad (SRO no.2). The Land Bridge would link the existing Dammam-Riyadh railway with the western city of Jeddah, connecting the Red Sea with the Arabian Gulf. The line is also planned to extend north to Jubail.

The route consisted of three main sections: new railway from Jeddah Port to Riyadh, with a distance of 958 km; upgrade of existing rail network between Riyadh and Damman with a distance of 625 km; and a 124 km new railway from west of Dammam to Jubail Commercial and Industrial Port.

KEO’s team provided technical support during the tender period, covering studies and design to tender level for (727) road and pedestrian bridges, camel bridges, rail viaducts, box culverts and other civil structures, Road/Railway crossings (31 elevated and 18 at grade), geotechnical design and support, traffic impact studies, traffic signaling, utilities, hydrology and surface drainage studies, architectural and engineering design for 19 wayside stations and Port/Rail operational structures, environmental assessment, and design coordination with SWR and other consortium members.