KEO was commissioned by Sorouh to undertake the design of the Al Sila’a project. This development covers an area of 25 hectares and consists of 448 residential plots, plus several community facilities including a neighborhood center, a school, shops and mosques. The master plan focuses on traditional villa design and the provision of easy access to local amenities, high quality public spaces, and an active urban environment. This development has been designed to achieve Two Pearls under the Estidama Pearl Community Rating System. The main sustainability strategies adopted in the master plan include crime prevention, water conservation, the reduction of energy consumption, and the use of recycled materials.

In order to create a safe and crime-free environment, KEO applied CPTED principles (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) in the design of villas, streets and pedestrian walkways. Facilities and amenities are centralized to encourage multi-purpose journeys and contribute to a high level of neighborhood connectivity. Reduced demand for water is achieved through the design of efficient and effective irrigation systems serving ecologically sensitive landscaping. Targets were set for all buildings in the community in order to reduce consumption of potable water. Cooling strategies include criteria for materials selection and street alignment, as well as the establishment of power consumption targets for every building. Well-sited shelter belts planted along the edges of the development provide assistance in reducing the amount of wind-blown sand penetrating the community. Further sustainability measures involve construction and operational waste management strategies as well as critical evaluation of recycled or regionally sourced materials.