This unique healthcare project was created for special needs students who have physical, emotional and behavioral disorders associated with mental retardation. The daycare center, with 13,500 square meters, is built on a plot of 15,000 square meters. It has a 40 percent footprint for two floors and a partial basement. The design vision was to develop an educational environment in which students can live partially independently; a simple circulation design facilitates uncomplicated internal movement. This enables students to move around the building unsupervised, thereby increasing confidence and self-esteem.

The building form is shaped to express the simplified interior circulation and is organized in a simple and uncomplicated way so as to be easily recognized by the special needs students. The design consists of a primary axis-, east -west, parallel to the shape of the site. The secondary axis is introduced at an angle to create a green court/ atrium at the center of the building; this relieves the length of the corridor and allows light to infiltratethe core of the building. All the windows facing south are shaded by a canopy; this minimizes glare, enhances the aesthetics of the building and adds a unique feature to the street façade.