The Liberal Arts and Sciences building was the first step of a master plan for the expansion of the 2,500 acre campus of Education City. Designed by the famous Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, the building acts as a focal point for all students in the Education City Campus, being the location for the teaching of the core curriculum in the liberal arts disciplines

The total floor area is 36,000 square meters with a ground floor of 14,460 square meters. The visually stunning design of the two storey structure is based upon three principles. The first of these is ‘double roof/double wall’ and deals with the extreme climate. The entire building is wrapped in a secondary skin of GRC panels. The second design principle is that of a mosaic where an arrangement of internal atriums and external courtyards evokes the mosaic-like layout of a typical Islamic City. The third principle is that of geometric patterns where a quasi-crystal pattern (based on 90, 60 and 30 degree parallelograms) is used for the façade and aluminum shades.