KEO was commissioned by Dubai Municipality to carry out an assessment for the partially constructed and completed structures associated with the Al Aweer Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) extension. The Municipality restarted the construction of the extension in order to complete the STP as originally designed. Al Aweer Sewage Treatment Plant was, until recently, the only Municipal wastewater treatment plant serving the city of Dubai. The existing STP has been operating for approximately 20 years and is located 25 kilometers from the heart of the city. The plant currently provides both tertiary wastewater treatment for irrigation use and sludge treatment for reuse as a soil fertilizer/conditioner. Continued successful operation of the Al Aweer STP is of critical importance to the city of Dubai.

Due to a rapid population expansion in Dubai, wastewater flows currently exceed the plant capacity of 260,000 cubic meters per day. To further reduce the pressure on the existing Al Aweer facility and ensure that the facility continues to provide the same high degree of treatment that it does currently, the Dubai Municipality Drainage and Irrigation Department tendered this project, which comprises the design, construction, commissioning and defects liability, and decennial liability on the proposed structures and the existing and proposed equipment of the extension of Al Aweer Sewage Treatment Plant and any modifications of the existing STP.