KEO provided preliminary and detailed design services for a three phase waste water treatment plant to serve the Al Khiran Pearl City Project to the south of Kuwait City. The Project is implemented on a BOT (Build Operate Transfer) method with the Main Contractor, Ahmadiah Contracting and Trading Co. engaging Kuwait Controls Company as its specialist subcontractor to design the plant for a private developer (La ala Al Kuwait Real Estate Co.).

KEO was subsequently engaged by Kuwait Controls Company to design the plant, initially for Phase A1 of the project, but with consideration of future expansion of the plant to serve Phases A2 and A3. Kuwait Controls Company then operates the plant for a finite period before handing ownership and control to the Ministry of Public Works. Phase A1 is designed to physically treat 5,600 m3 per day throughput to the Sequence Batch Reactors. However, the inlet pumps for Phase A1 and the Plant as a whole could handle a total of 23,000 m3 per day should storm flows and catastrophic flood events occur, with the excess inflow being diverted to Bypass