KEO provided preliminary and detailed design services for a sanitary sewage pumping station, to serve Phases A2 and A3 of the Al Khiran Pearl City Project, to the south of Kuwait City. The Project is implemented on a BOT (Build Operate Transfer) scheme, with Ahmadiah utilizing a specialized sub-contractor to construct KEO’s design for a private developer (La ala Al Kuwait Real Estate Co.). The specialized sub-contractor then operates the pump station for a finite period before handing ownership and control to the Ministry of Public Works. The 15m deep and 12.5m diameter pumping station operates a total of five pumps (4 duty, 1 standby), each capable of pumping an inflow of 75lps through two 300mm diameter pressure mains (2 pumps per main) thereby providing a total throughput of 300lps (150lps per pressure main), for the station.

The pumped volume is first screened for debris as it enters the station, before being transferred by the pressure mains to a transition chamber 800m away which in turn transfers the inflow by gravity to the Al Khiran Waste Water Treatment Plant for processing. A comprehensive odor control system consisting of duty and standby carbon absorber units, together with an automated odor masking injection system, ensures the risk of any unpleasant odors emanating from the facility is minimal.