Weill Cornell Medical College - Qatar (WCMC-Q), was established by Cornell University in partnership with Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development and is part of Weill Cornell Medical College founded in New York more than one hundred years age. WCMC-Q has the same mission as the parent University which is to provide the finest education possible for medical students, to conduct research at the cutting edge of knowledge and to provide improved health and community care for present and future generations.

The structure is comprised of two halls, each 200 meters long, housing faculty and student lounges and is linked by bridges. There are four lecture halls in three-dimensional geometric shapes in the central courtyard. Although contemporary in concept and building materials, the construction reflects traditional Islamic architecture, ranging from geometric patterns on the interior and exterior walls to wind towers in the courtyard. Once inside, the halls present long vistas which change in aspect as the sun moves east to west during the day. Over forty feet high and paved in cream limestone, they are light, airy and spacious – an impression maintained in the glass walled faculty and student lounges as well as in the reception areas facing the courtyard gardens outside the South Hall.