KEO was appointed as Project Managers on behalf of The Public Works Authority, Drainage Affairs (DA), to manage and co-ordinate the various consultants and contractors engaged for the design, construction, supervision and implementation of what was the largest project DA had undertaken at that time. The Doha North Project included the provision of a new Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), forwarding pumping station, pumping mains, interceptor sewers, trunk sewers and local sewerage to serve the areas north of Gharaffa, the West Bay area and the northern corridor including the Pearl and Lusail developments. The infrastructure also included a return Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) pumping station and mains back to Doha for efflent re-use.

The TSE pumping station is equipped with 6Nr duty pumps operating at 1,172 1/s, each linked to an extensive mains network. This network consists of 43 kilometers of dual 1.6 diameter mains, 3 kilometers of 1.2 diameter, 9 kilometers of 0.8 diameter and 3 kilometers of 0.6 diameters. In addition, the project included all ancillary structures, power and telemetry supply. The trunk and area sewers associated with the TSE required 60 kilometers of sewer construction, using both micro- tunneling and open trench techniques, and the installation of 250mm to 700mm diameter pipes, at a depth of 7 meters, for the northern suburbs of Doha.