The basic layout of the Department of Transport Headquarters is a fragmented 'H' shape, in which two parallel bars are connected by three staggered bridges, each two storeys high. At the top of this 10 storey building, the offices of the Chairman and the Undersecretary bridge the two primary bars of the 'H' plan, the Chairman’s suite facing south and the Undersecretary’s facing north. This creates monumental portals on the north and south sides. The three bridging elements symbolize the three divisions of the department – land, marine, and aviation. The architectural statement is intentionally strong, simple and grand, to reflect the scope, speed and importance of the department's areas of responsibility. The roof void is a latticed screen providing an open, sheltered environment to the courtyard below. The roof of each of the bridging elements has been developed as a garden terrace, to create a visually pleasing and functional staff amenity.