Texas A&M University at Qatar (TA&M-Q) aims to be the premier provider of engineering education in the region, a valuable contributor to knowledge internationally and a valued resource of the State of Qatar. TA&M-Q has four faculties - Petroleum, Mechanical, Chemical and Electrical Engineering and a full Research Faculty. The 55,000 square meter building, designed by the Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta, consists of two distinct parts - a research wing and an academic wing, which together can accommodate 600 students.

Four outdoor courtyards are enclosed by the building, the main entrance to which features a bronze door weighing 2.5 tons. The academic and research sides of the building are linked by an atrium which has a star shaped pool as its main feature and through this establishes a star motif which is replicated throughout the building. The X-shaped Research Rotunda, with its triangular skylights, houses three floors with four corridors, each side containing either three or four laboratories all equipped with the latest technology. The building also has a number of fine lecture halls the largest of which, holding up to 150 people, features timber walling.