At the invitation of the Qatar Foundation, Carnegie Mellon joined Education City in 2004. Carnegie Mellon, with more than a century of academic and research excellence, is able to offer undergraduate courses in biological science, business administration, computer science and information systems. The 460,000 square foot building is a three storey, purpose-built architectural wonder, having two sides with a green spine in the middle. The building has an unusual footprint with a half circle on one side and a rectangle on the other. By straddling the main eastwest walkway, the building creates a spacious breezeway, allowing everyone to pass directly through whilst moving from one part of Education City to another.

Palm trees and water features line the outdoor path leading into the three storey glass-ceilinged walkway. Trees continue into the building, creating a space alive with greenery and flooded with natural light. The walls are made of geometric mosaics of wood and stained glass, while bridges across the walkway join the two sides of the building together. The walkway opens up on the south side into the food court and beyond this food court is a large assembly area which can hold more than 400 people.