Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC) is located on Qatar Foundation’s 2,500 acre campus, which hosts faculties from world renowned universities such as Weill Cornell, Texas A&M, and Georgetown, as well as home-grown centers such as Sidra Medical and Research Center, Qatar Science & Technology Park, and Al Jazeera Children’s Channel. QNCC was conceived with a focus on sustainability.

The impressive façade of the National Convention Center features a bent steel structure spanning 250 meters in the shape of the native Sidra tree which "grows up" to support the overhanging roof structure. The building is designed to operate efficiently with innovations such as water conservation and energy-efficient fixtures, and it is approximately 32 percent more efficient compared with a similarly designed building without such innovations. One of the features is the 3,500 square meters of solar panels providing 12.5 percent of the Center's energy needs. Occupancy sensors, coupled with energy-efficient LED lights and fixtures, as well as zone-based air control systems greatly reduce the energy consumption in the building.