Saudi Arabia

Responding to the urgent need to provide access to the Islamic world’s most important site, a 320 meter x 3.65 km section of land, extending out radially from the Al Haram site is being redeveloped Umm Al Qura, a purpose-formed development Company. The King Abdul Aziz Road (KAAR) project will provide connectivity to the Al Haram via the 60 meter wide Grand Pedestrian Boulevard, flanked by hotels, commercial and retail facilities, residential buildings, car parking, public spaces and public amenities to support religious, social and commercial activities to Hajj and Umrah pilgrims and other visitors and local residents. The project also intersects five of the city’s major roads with two road boulevards flanking the exterior of the site, along with city metro and Makkah-Medina rail connectivity.

The project includes a distinctive major bridge as well as metro and rail stations. KEO’s role as PM/CM includes management of the infrastructure design (including the public realm) and building design, procurement of all consultants and contractors, managing and monitoring the construction process, assuring comprehensive coordination between all stakeholders.