After the successful submission of designs for three of the eighteen schools in Phase 1 for tender and construction, KEO won the Phase 2 Design Competition. This led to the contract award for seven of the fifteen schools in Phase 3 for ADEC.

KEO’s task was to help ADEC accomplish it’s vision of a new generation of world-class school facilities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. This included developing and retrofitting two prototype school buildings for mixed gender use, with complete separation between the genders. The design was then implemented in seven sites located in Abu Dhabi (Al Shamka and Bani Yas) and Al Ain (Al Yahar Rifaa, Al Yahar Aliyah, Al Foaa, Zakher, Al Bateen). These model school designs incorporate a program for cycle 1 (grades 1 to 5) having 1,250 students on seven sites. In addition, two sites in Al Ain (Al Yahar Aliyah and Al Bateen) have integrated kindergartens of 240 students. They also comply with standards in ADEC’s design manual and space program, as well as 2009 standards.