Ashgal, Qatar’s Public Works Authority, appointed KEO as the design and construction supervisors for the New Doha Zoo project. KEO is working with HHCP+PJA, which was hired in December 2012 to prepare the concept master plan, which envisions a massive refurbishment of the current 30 year old zoo which was closed to the public in August 2012. The new zoo will be constructed on the same site as the existing facility in the Al Aziziya area of Doha, and at 75 hectares (750,000 square meters) will be seven times the size of the old zoo.

The new facility which is based on the current best practices of animal management, will house more than 3,000 animals in themed areas based on regions found in three continents, an African safari characterized by forests and savannahs, an Asian woodland with mountains and a South American rainforest, where a controlled biosphere roof system would be installed, allowing it to ‘rain’ on an hourly basis. Each region will be accessible through multiple safari trips by car, boat and foot.

In Associations: HHCP + PJA