This building forms part of the development of the prestigious Emirates Palace Hotel, which is also a KEO developed project. It services the sports and games facilities of the hotel grounds, particularly the tennis courts and football pitch, and is an addition to the existing health club facility of the hotel. Access to the building is via a footpath leading from the tennis courts and football grounds and also from an adjacent car park built for the facility. The building houses a large, circular, naturally lit lobby/reception hall which has a café on one side and a small spa facility on the other. It also has two sets of changing rooms and restrooms serving two separate football teams. There are additional changing rooms for tennis players and a spa facility, all covering an area of approximately 1,000 square meters. Wood paneling is used for the hall and spa facilities, in keeping with the rich décor of the complex.

This single storey structure, which is mostly inward looking in character, has some areas of stone cladding on the entry side as an architectural feature. The building is located on hotel grounds to provide convenient access, but care was taken to ensure minimal impact on the lush gardens of the hotel.