The Quarry Park is designed to enhance the network of open spaces and the pedestrian experience along Al Hamra Street. The Quarry Park aims not only to educate visitors about the geology of Oman, but also to contribute to the existing geotourism network by acting as a venue through which knowledge is disseminated to the wider geological community.

An arrival kiosk displays a detailed map identifying the geological highlights of Oman, which are then represented by informative signage panels throughout the park and within the themed outdoor class rooms. Completing a sequence of four pocket parks, the apartment gardens and the Oasis Park, the Quarry Park itself will serve as a convenient recreational amenity for the residents of the surrounding townhouses and apartments. The compressed elliptical and branching patters of stromatolite fossils inspire a natural, striatal geometry and inform the design language of the park. This language and an understanding of the park program are the source for a spatial sequence which will take users on a cultural and educational journey through a series of outdoor venues.