This building caters for the operational requirements of Qatar Airways, crews and management. The building is the gateway for outgoing and incoming crews. The ground floor consists mainly of a double height Main Lobby, Crew Departures and Arrivals, Baggage Check-In and Screening, Crew Check-In, Briefing and De-Briefing Rooms, Crew Dispatch, Departure and Arrival gates and Lounges. The total floor area is 9,670 square meters.

The first floor consists mainly of the Operations Department Offices, Pilot Training, Administration and Management Offices, Conference Rooms, LV and UPS rooms plus other services. Also located on this floor is a double height Operation Control Center. The total floor area is 9,653 square meters. Level three is mainly for HVAC (MEP) equipment and the mezzanine floor houses the OCC offices. The total floor area accommodating the equipment and OCC is 4,748 square meters. This three floor building is designed to meet the operational requirements of the airline Engineering Department, staff and management. The ground floor consists mainly of a double height Main Lobby, offices for representatives of external organizations or companies, QA/QC Management, Ticketing, ATM and other services. This floor covers 1,934 square meters.