The Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA) Headquarters, located at the gateway to New Hamad International Airport City, are part of a world-class aviation infrastructure project. Home to the QCAA’s five key divisions including Air Transport, Air Safety, Air Navigation, Joint Services and Meteorology, the departments are housed in a sequence of discrete office ‘petals’ clustered around a common curved atrium, making for a highly efficient organizational arrangement.

The new building is poised on top of a podium which offers shaded strolling and break-out spaces for visitors and employees via a blend of hard and soft landscaping, and connects pedestrians to an adjacent transit system. Sunken gardens in the podium provide daylight, vegetation and way finding for the parking levels below. The QCAA headquarters has a high performance exterior envelope customized to the building’s unique shape, location, solar orientation and Qatar’s climate. Filtered daylight suffuses the building whilst direct solar penetration is controlled by exterior shades and the placement of insulating wall panels and limited areas of glass. The building’s skin features cast ceramic panels and the roof is constructed from highalbedo ceramic tiles to protect from the intense overhead sun.