KEO's design carefully juxtaposes the three main programmatic components of the project to create two forms that sit on top of a podium. The podium houses the main entrances, auditorium, and galleries. A 9 storey office building which rises from the podium is located on the southern portion of the site and houses the Foundation Office Tower. A 3 storey building located in the middle of the podium houses the Health Club and Guest’s Accommodation Quarters. The two forms resting on the podium have been carefully shaped and positioned to maximize exposure to the northern light while overlooking adjacent exterior courtyard gardens. They have also been situated to ensure open views from their main façade on the north and provide natural shading to their exterior courtyard. The dynamically shaped podium sweeps from the northern portion of the site to the southern portion, encompassing a large auditorium to the north and the office building to the south. The podium contains public spaces including an auditorium, multi-purpose halls, exhibition halls, a main entrance lobby for employees and a main reception and waiting area.