The design principles which serve as the foundation of our design are the Fareej, Baraha and Sikka, the Courtyard, the Mashrabiya and Sustainable Building Design. The plan and form of the building was designed as a series of cloistered small blocks reflecting the similarity to a Fareej which, by definition, is an ensemble of traditional courtyard-style houses. The application of this design in context is the grouping of the different departments stated in the program. The cloisters are then interconnected by circulation paths inspired by the Sikkas that connect the Fareej.

The character of the building is one that personifies a traditionally solid, federal design, whilst the placement of vertical fenestrations adds a contemporary and transparent image. These are given relief by glazed entrances; their sizing and placement taking into account the orientation of the building in relation to the path of the sun, thus minimizing solar heat gain. The random placement of the fenestrations gives a dynamic appearance to the façade.