This project consisted of the design and construction supervision of two reservoir and pumping station (RPS) sites. These sites are Duhail, which supplies the Lusail development areas, and Umm Qarn, which supplies the Umm Qarn area itself. The Duhail RPS required the design and construction of two 21MIG and four 25 MIG water reservoirs, a pumping station and a gas chlorination building. In addition, it called for an 11kv switchgear building, an emergency tanker filling station and office, staff accommodation, guard house and pre-cast boundary walls. The RPS complex also included all internal piping as well as control and monitoring systems inside both the reservoir and pumping station. Transfer from Duhail RPS, with a pumping capacity of 4,400 L/S @40m head (350kw 2,800) to the designated area, required installation of seventeen kilometers of 1,200mm and 900mm diameter rising mains pipelines.

The Umm Qarn RPS is provided with similar facilities to those at Duhail, but with three 7 MIG capacity reservoirs, two 900mm diameter rising mains pipelines and pumping capacity of 1,000 L/S @40m(500kw). The Duhail RPS reservoirs were the largest implemented by Kahramaa in Qatar at the time.In addition to the infrastructure services, KEO also developed an architectural and landscaping design, which mitigated the visual and environmental impact of the RPS on the local urban environment.