This superbly designed building is located in the busy and popular area of Hawally. The eighteen storey tower includes a 5 level retail section, plus 3 basement floors for parking. The tower features include retail and office areas of 50,000 square meters. There are 5 floors of shops; each floor being 555 square meters, multi stair and lift access, and a uniquely designed glass front. All of this is arranged to provide easy access to the surrounding area. The design challenge presented 3 distinct functions – retail, commercial and activity centers, whilst creating a complimentary, interdependent and dynamic whole.

The retail function of the Promenade Mall is organized around a kinked central spine that pierces the site diagonally from the northeast to the southwest. Access points to, and views of the interior shopping activities are most pronounced from the glass-enclosed spine. Parking is available to the immediate north of the site, or at either of the 2 level parking garages below grade. Shoppers can then access the retail spine from either end or the center point.