Capital City District is located 7 kilometers inland from Abu Dhabi Island. The site, formerly known as Khalifa-C, is bordered to the north by Abu Dhabi International Airport and Khalifa–A, to the south and southeast by Khalifa-B, and to the west by Mohammed Bin Zayed (MBZ) City. The area is triangular in shape, with two sides of 11.5 kilometers and one of 8 kilometers. The overall area of the site is 45 square kilometers.

The development occupies a total gross area of 32.7 million square meters, and supports a total population of 370,000 residents plus a working and visiting population of 450,000 people. The Capital City is a federal, business and residential core for Abu Dhabi, reducing pressure on Abu Dhabi Island and allowing for the expansion of the CBD capacity of the city.

KEO was commissioned by the UPC for the realization of the Capital District project and to produce a fully integrated master plan for the Emirati neighborhood that covered all aspects of that development to serve as a guideline for the next phases. The services of KEO Infrastructure were procured to undertake the infrastructure master planning services for the full site area. Infrastructure services for this project ranged from the master plan stage to preparing construction.