The People Mover System (PMS) in Education City was one of the country’s first rail projects, intended to reduce the flow of vehicular traffic by allowing students to park their cars in purpose built, multi-storey car parks and travel, free of charge in a battery powered tram system to their destination within the campus.

The 7 kilometer, campus wide, light rail/ tram system covers the South and North Campuses. In the South Campus, there are three public car parks with main tram stations, allowing students and visitors to park, pass through security and catch a tram from the station. The tram system has air conditioned stops along the way, facilitating easy access to all the buildings within the campus with a link from the South Campus system to the North Campus at the West Car Park underground tram station. The West Car Park is a high quality 2,959 space car park which provides a link to the People Mover System station for onward travel to final destinations within Education City. The car park is four storeys high with an approximate foot print of 45,000 square meters.