KEO was invited to present concept proposals for a 7 kilometer section of parkway (99th Street) and two design options for the western roundabout. The primary users of this section of highway are employees of the Omani Ministry complex located towards its western end. An urban beautification plan was put forward, both to enhance the motoring experience and to create a sense of place relevant to the context and location of the parkway.

The specific objectives of the proposed plans are to produce a streetscape theme relevant to, and identifiable by, local users as well as the general public, and to create a point of interest by using structures and materials in unique ways. They also include the development of a safe design which takes account of the speed and direction of vehicles using the parkway, and which adheres both to the Omani Highway Design Standards 2010, and to established international best practice.

Best practice models were also used with reference to sustainability and environmental stewardship, such as the inclusion of pedestrian shading, use of local materials, low water-use plants, and efficient irrigation. The finished concept proposals provided a cost-effective treatment appropriate to the scale, nature and function of the site.