The Al Mashtal Development is located on the 135,490 square meter site of the former nursery of the Manhal Palace in the center of Abu Dhabi. This site was originally divided into four plots, but they were brought together to create two plots separated by an existing public road. The site is long and slender in shape, with a maximum length of 1,100 meters and a maximum width of 200 meters. The south boundary is formed by 21st Street, and the north by a series of buildings currently in use or occupied. A 2 storey basement car park, 1,070 meters long, covers almost the full extent of the site, though it does vary in width from 154 meters below the Cultural Center in the middle of the development to 124 meters west and 70 meters east of the edges of the Cultural Center.

The approximate gross floor area of the development is 511,272 square meters of buildings, plus 249,840 meters of basement parking. This produces a total built up area of over 761,100 square meters.

This large space houses seven residential towers of between 23 to 25 storeys, three office towers of between 18 and 21 storeys, an extensive two level retail podium, a hotel, and the Cultural Center.