KEO teamed with globally-renowned marine mammal consultants Ocean Embassy to develop an exclusive Dolphin Habitat within the stunning grounds of the Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi. The concept was for a highly unique research, educational and interactive facility which consists of a guest reception building, including an exclusive restaurant, changing areas, a veterinary facility and laboratory, two medical pools, an animal life support facility, and three expansive, 6 meter deep lagoons which provide a state of the art habitat for between eight and twelve dolphins.

The facility is modeled on similar successful venues, and helps teach visitors to care for and respect ocean wildlife. The selection of the site for the Dolphin Habitat was determined based on several key issues: the synergies that can be generated with regard to the Main Resort, the Marina Development project, shared access and parking facilities of the Marina Development and the Dolphin Habitat, activation of the West Side of the Emirates Palace Development, and the minimization of overall potential traffic Impact issues. The design concept has a total of 13,050 square meters of site area (2,050 square meter architectural footprint) with an additional area of 2,700 square meters for surface parking for 40 plus cars and an emergency access corridor.