Qatar University was founded in 1977 and is the country’s prominent institution for higher learning. Encompassing an area of 8 square kilometers, the campus is built with modern buildings reflecting the values of traditional Islamic architecture. The Qatar University Administration and Services Building houses some 800 employees that operate the University through various departments. These departments are currently spread throughout the campus and this building will unify them under one.

The site is located north of the campus center and occupies an area of 32,000 square meters. In keeping with the founding principles of the University, the design reflects the traditional urban fabric of Doha where buildings were 2 to 3 floors in height and randomly arranged to create an intricately woven pattern. The buildings had predominantly solid exterior facades to keep out the harsh summer sun, while their beautiful inner courtyards infused light into the rooms surrounding it.

The façade is inspired by sand dunes with their tops and troughs. The dimensional pattern effect is the result of 2 vertical undulating façade panels that provide solar protection by casting shadows on the recessed vision glass within, reducing overall UV radiation into the space. The panels repeat on a modular grid and create a dynamically woven and wrapping pattern for the façade camouflaging that only 40% is glazed. The project aims to achieve a GSAS rating of 4 stars as a result of KEO's vision to create buildings based on the principles of sustainability.