KEO helped deliver this uniquely silhouetted designed for the Masdar Visitor Center within Masdar City, Abu Dhabi. When fully operational, the center will operate as Masdar’s key business development venue with the intention to promote the achievements within the Masdar sites.

The project involved the intricate dismantling of the UAE Milan Expo pavilion and reinstalling of the same structures at Masdar City, reusing the existing pavilion and responding to multiple uses in a sustainable and responsible manor. KEO provided key services in Supervision, as well as Sustainability and Health and Safety.

The Masdar Visitor Center aims to become one of the Abu Dhabi’s most sought-after destinations. At the new visitor center, guest’s will be educated and entertained, whether from the region, from abroad. The center will operate as Masdar’s key business development venue, designed to promote the achievements at Masdar to governments, potential business partners and investors.