The Shangri-La Hotel is situated at the heart of the Between the Bridges development, and is named because it lies on a 900 meter stretch between the Al Maqtaa and Al Mussafah bridges in Abu Dhabi. The centerpiece of the Between the Bridges project is this five-star hotel which has 7 levels and 220 rooms, a beautiful pool deck overlooking the white sandy beach and 7 waterfront groins jutting out to sea. It also has fully equipped business centers and a variety of themed restaurants, ensuring that business executives and visitors will experience luxury and comfort in serene and natural surroundings.

Executive apartments range from studios to four bedroom living spaces, with a communal swimming pool facility designed especially for business executives or families looking for a truly unique and relaxed lifestyle. Four, five and seven bedroom villas, each with a sizable garden and a private pool, provide enhanced privacy for families.