The Nation Towers with the St. Regis Hotel is a 306,000 square meter mixed-use development which encompasses an extensive collection of luxury hospitality, retail, office, and residential components built on a preeminent site on the corniche in Abu Dhabi. There are 2,000 parking spaces available to support the various functions within the Nation Towers, including a beach club with food and beverage outlets which is located on the north of the corniche and connected with the Towers by a tunnel under the Corniche Road.

The site is composed of a south block and a north block separated by the Corniche Road. The south block is 55,129 square meters of area, including 38,644 square meters within the property line. The 14,315 square meter beachfront property on the north block is proposed to be augmented with approximately 14,750 square meters of land reclamation. The total development site of combined landscaped and built up area, including a building footprint of approximately 25,750 square meters, reaches 84,000 square meters.