This unique project is located along the main highway halfway between Downtown Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi International Airport, along a main artery highway leading into the city. The development includes 88 towers on both sides of a 3.5 kilometer segment of the highway. The site offers tremendous potential as an important high-end residential and hotel destination. At its center there are giant, artistically designed sculptures inspired by the wings of a falcon. These beautiful forms create an impressive gateway to the city during the day and especially when lit up at night.

The Recreational Park Neighborhood sits along the southern edge of the site and includes 46 tower plots situated in a richly-landscaped setting. The Recreational Park begins at the western edge with two football field size green areas which meanders to the east incorporating tennis courts, children’s playing areas, walkways and gardens. The site includes carefully considered circulation patterns providing for wonderful opportunities for retail shops, cafes, and restaurants serving the residents and adjacent residential developments.