Zayed Bay acts as a gateway to the city and is situated between the Maqta and Sheikha Zayed Bridges. The historic Maqta Fort and Watchtower, the Grand Mosque, and Sheikh Zayed Bridge itself form a backdrop for this mixed-use waterfront development. The 75,000 square meter site is divided into 14 plots. Two of the prime waterfront plots are allocated to a hotel and a block of serviced apartments, each of five storeys.

There are 7 residential towers of 6 storeys each in the middle, and four 9 storey office buildings at the rear. This offers a stepped skyline to the built up blocks. The eastern end of the development is marked by a 7 storey signature office building, defining the entrance to the landscaped courtyard which extends all the way to the water’s edge. This canopied courtyard was envisaged as an urban gathering place complete with recreational, entertainment and exhibition areas, water features and ground level shops. The buildings are shaped and arranged along axes formed by the paths of the prevailing winds and the views of the surrounding natural, cultural and heritage sights.