The project involved the construction of a new pumping station in the existing diplomatic area of Doha. The scope of work included construction of a 25 meter deep foul sewage pumping stations capacity, comprising twin wet wells, screening channels/13,300 of and pump chamber below ground, with a motor room, deodorizer and facility buildings above ground 1,200 mm kilometers of twin.

The work included the construction of 2.7 kilometers of twin 1,200mm ductile iron rising main, from Pumping Station 25 along Markhiya Street, to a point adjacent to Arab League Street where a discharge chamber was constructed. In addition, one kilometer of 500 mm ductile iron rising main, from Pumping Station 25, was connected with the existing rising main at Khalifa Street. The work also included construction of a surge vessel chamber and 100 mm HDPE TSE main line from Pumping Station 25, connected with the existing chamber at Istiqlal Street, as well as the provision of a TSE storage tank.