Saudi Arabia

Conceived as part of the overall economic diversification program and located north of Riyadh, King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) consists of a 3.5 million square meter site. The aim of KAFD is to create a new financial district in which business and recreational activities are integrated, and where Islamic traditions are combined with modern technology.

The development includes offices, hotels, residential units, shops and cultural entertainment facilities, all centered on a “wadi”-a landscaped pedestrian route which weaves through and unifies the entire district. The master plan provided for a fully integrated public transport system which connects the 55,000 workplaces and various areas within the district by means of a six-station Monorail System. All buildings and stations are integrated with the public areas and remote parking facilities, and are linked by a self-sustained air-conditioned sky-walk system above street level.

KEO's scope covers lead design for the 3.5 km elevated rail viaducts, switch bridges, long span bridges and one hundred thirty two piers supporting the monorail train system, station 1 and the train maintenance depot. The work includes the detailed design of: 17 bridges with straight piers, 8 bridges with mixed piers types, 3 switch bridges, 2 typical bridges in depot area, bridge and platform in depot area, movable switch beam in the depot area, train Maintenance depot and station 1.