Thiess Service Middle East was awarded a fifteen year concession by the Abu Dhabi Center of Waste Management to build and operate a construction and demolition recycling facility in Abu Dhabi. The facility is operational and producing high quality recycled material. However, the material could not meet current Abu Dhabi specifications, as production is based on the use of raw product only. Thiess engaged KEO Infrastructure to review current international standards and best practices, prepare specifications acceptable to the local Abu Dhabi Authorities, and champion the efforts in having the recycled material accepted for use in the Abu Dhabi construction industry.

The Recycled Concrete Aggregate has now been accepted as suitable road base and sub-base material on a major Abu Dhabi Development, reducing the reliance on raw materials and reducing construction costs. Acceptance of the product has proven to be a significant step towards sustainable construction practices in Abu Dhabi, and again demonstrates KEO’s leadership in this area of expertise.