The project comprises of a 40 story and 36 story tower. Providing 40,000 square meters of net office space, 4,000 square meters of central plaza retail space and parking for 1,100 vehicles. The vision for this design creates two towers which visually interact with each other as they move upward into the sky creating a dynamic Gateway to the development. Each tower begins at the base as a rectangular floor plate from which the main and side façade twist inwards toward the central plaza. The rear and minor side façade remain at a right angle with each other as this is where the core is located. The resulting play of two minor facades remaining at a right angle while the other two major facades twisting inward will create a dynamic ‘dueling’ interplay of two tower forms that will be strong, unique and unmatched in Kuwait.

The façade is primarily clad with silver ‘reflective vision glass, white aluminum clad horizontal fins, andrandomly placed stainless steel panels concealing the mechanical equipment on the roof and ‘raining’ down the façade of the tower. The composition of these three materials is inspired by the richness of patterns reminiscent of traditional Arabic rugs and Islamic patterns. The interior designs for the main lobbies reflect this pattern and accentuate the geometric pattern. Corporate colors are used in fabrics and furniture to promote the KBT brand.