The KEO design philosophy for the Kuwait Investment Authority Headquarters Building is based on traditional Islamic Architectural Principles and Ideas which we believe must be celebrated when designing a building of this magnitude in Kuwait. While the recent years have seen an abundance of Western-styled buildings spread throughout the region, these buildings are beginning to demonstrate that they clearly belong to a culture and environment other than that which we find in the Middle East. Their unsympathetic architectural forms and clear disruption of celebrating the social need to interact within office spaces reveals a Western notion of planning that will not produce a timeless and functional building in the long term.

The subconscious need to import the latest technology and building materials from the West has lead to a disintegration of value and respect of the principles which have guided Islamic Architecture in the Middle East over the past generations. The design of this prestigious building should reflect the importance of tradition in terms of architectural and cultural values to Kuwait, setting a direction for the rest of the city and bringing importance and respect to the architecture and planning of Kuwait’s downtown.