Abdoun is an elite and affluent residential district of Amman, located towards the south of the city and containing some of Jordan’s higher class residential properties. While it is home to numerous embassies and the official residencies of their ambassadors, it is also a recreational center boasting attractive cafes, restaurants and clubs which are frequented by locals and tourists alike. The client’s vision for the development reflects the nature of its location through the high quality of its design, materials, finish, and architecture.

The property is comprised of two towers; one tower includes a 17 storey, five star hotel, plus serviced apartments while the other will accommodate high standard, branded residencies. Both towers are positioned on a podium, housing retail facilities which serve the hotel, creating an elegant landmark, set in the skyline of Amman. Every aspect and detail affirms a sense of permanence and sophistication. Abdoun pays tribute to Jordan’s heritage but does not mimic any architectural vernacular, thus allowing it to be modern without being contemporary. A sensitive, contextual and appropriate design has created a firm sense of place, while simultaneously ensuring the development achieves recognition as an international destination.