Al Rayyan Road, Qatar

The 16 Kilometer Al Rayyan Road commences just west of the A Ring road and runs through Doha Expressway finishing just east of Dukhan Highway. Al Bustan South is 3.2 Kilometers of Roadway Perpendicular to Al Rayyan Road encompassing 2 main interchanges which have underpasses with flyovers.

The detailed design contract, for which KEO is the lead designer, will provide a free flowing beautifully landscaped arterial road and public realm environment to compliment the future development of the city. Within the Transportation Master Plan for Qatar (TMPQ), Al Rayyan Road is classified as an arterial road with approximately 4 kilometers of Al Bustan Street South accompanying the design. The planned design will provide four traffic lanes in each direction (plus turning lanes at junctions), with a dividing median along Al Rayyan Road. There will be a total of 13 junctions designed. When completed the design of Al Rayyan Road will create a coordinated cityscape of pedestrian, vehicle, bicycle, and mass transport friendly transit.