Dubai Hills Estate Central Park, Dubai

KEO International Consultants have been engaged by Emaar Properties to perform various Design and Supervision services on their massive new Central Park complex in the middle of the new Dubai Hills Estates located at Marabea East Street in Dubai. KEO is performing the work in association with our Allied Practice, InSite, who are providing masterplanning and landscape design, as well as public realm services.

KEO’s overall scope of works includes infrastructure design, civil engineering and irrigation, and supervision on the hard and soft landscaping within the new park and surrounding spaces. The Dubai Hills Estate Central Park is surrounded by mid-level residential buildings with retail, commercial and mixed-use functions on the ground floor.

Overall, the new Central Park is approximately 1 km long, with a width of up to 185m. The park serves as a District level park within the overall Dubai Hills Estate master plan serving not only the green lush surroundings to adjacent properties, but providing recreational amenities such as a splash park, skate park, games courts, dunescape play and adventure areas, an outdoor gym, water features, an amphitheater, a 2 km jogging track, wadi features, rest rooms and parking areas.