Feb 11, 2018

KEO announces new Managing Director for its allied practice InSite

With its consistent efforts to remain a highly competitive player in the market, KEO International Consultants has announced the appointment of Chris Fannin as Managing Director (MD) of InSite, its allied practice for master planning, urban design and landscape architecture. Chris is an urban designer, master planning and landscape architecture veteran and an acclaimed practitioner with a career that spans over 25 years. He takes on a key influential role by also joining KEO’s Executive Leadership Board, actively participating in setting direction and developing strategic plans for the business.

Chris was previously Senior Vice President and Global Director of Planning at HOK, and member of HOK’s Board of Directors and the Management Board. Throughout his career, he has led a wide-ranging number of urban design, master planning and landscape architecture projects across the globe. Chris has been a practicing professional and an educator with teaching positions at leading universities in the field of planning and landscape architecture as well as being an active contributor to worldwide industry events.

In his role as MD of InSite, he will be responsible for running the entire practice and looking at the business strategy for InSite to ensure both business growth and excellence in planning and design of sustainable environments. He will be implementing international best practice and applying his client-centric approach, while overseeing project delivery to the highest standards.

Donna Sultan, President and CEO of KEO International Consultants said: “Our exceptional InSite practice has been diligently providing specialized services in urban design, planning and landscape architecture for Clients across all of our markets. Since its launch, it has been committed to plan and create distinguished, sustainable, high-functioning and deeply desirable built and natural environments. We welcome Chris to InSite’s international team of experts. I am confident that through his leadership and his reputation for design excellence, Chris will strengthen our position in the market and provide opportunities to enrich InSite’s portfolio of projects. This step aligns with our ambitious vision of growth and represents an integral part of our forward-looking strategy to be responsive to our Clients’ needs and provide excellent multi-disciplinary services.”

Chris Fannin, MD of InSite commented on his appointment saying: “I am so pleased to have the opportunity to join KEO, a firm that I have admired and have had the professional opportunity to collaborate with on a number of important projects throughout the Middle East. The firm's commitment to its markets, being over 50 years in operation, has deeply informed its development into a recognized practice of depth, knowledge and interdisciplinary skill. From this legacy has emerged InSite, which has already achieved success in the region. I look forward to leveraging the talent within InSite and the KEO family of disciplines to moulding an even more successful, grounded and dynamic design practice that brings the optimal sustainable solutions to our clients, communities and the environment.”

KEO is a leading design, engineering and project management firm drawing talent from across the globe and committed to developing a comprehensive service line for its Clients to ensure sustained, profitable growth. Its allied practice, InSite, has a mandate to become one of the most respected leaders in urban design, master planning and landscape architecture. The appointment of Chris Fannin reinforces its progressive vision and strategy to achieve that goal by bringing the brightest and most influential talent possible in planning and landscape architecture.

InSite, an allied practice of KEO, has been offering unparalleled urban design, master planning and landscape architecture services and contributing to a number of iconic projects across the Middle East serving both the private and public sectors.