Nov 27, 2017

KEO appoints new Managing Director of Project Management International

KEO International Consultants, a leading design, engineering and project management firm, has announced that Mark Jamieson has taken on the role of Managing Director (MD) of the Project Management International (PMI) division.

Mark was previously the Executive Director for PM Services at KEO. He brings with him a wealth of experience with more than 25 years in construction project management, engineering and delivery across the globe.

Mark is a Chartered Civil Engineer and a Chartered Manager. As well as leading major construction projects from nuclear to rail, infrastructure and building projects, he is a champion for developing professional engineers across the region. He is a Fellow of the UK’s Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and a Chartered Manager with a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Birmingham.

Throughout his career Mark has lead various mega-projects across many markets. He is also the ICE’s Council Member representing the Middle East and Africa and Chairman of the local committee as well as their UAE Country Representative. Mark is also the Chairman of Darjeeling Cricket Club, the oldest such club in Dubai.

Donna Sultan, President & CEO of KEO International Consultants said: “These are exciting times for KEO’s journey as the leading consultant in the market. Such strategic moves and appointments will support our reputation as a global practice. In his new role, Mark will be heading the largest KEO business division and leading the team to achieve further notable successes. I am confident that Mark’s model of leadership and his vast experience in the industry will be beneficial to KEO’s team internally as well as to our clients externally, supporting our strong reputation in the market. With his client centric approach and motivational leadership, I am confident that Mark will further strengthen our market position.”

KEO has been offering unparalleled project and construction management across the GCC for over 50 years now. The firm has worked on some of the most iconic projects in the GCC and helped clients achieve their vision of delivering the most complex and distinguished developments across the region.

In this close up interview, Mark Jamieson shares his vision of the new role:

What is your first impression of this new role?

Having joined KEO in February this year as Executive Director for PM Services, it is an honour to now be asked to head the division as Managing Director. The last few years have been tough for the whole industry but KEO have remained remarkably resilient and this should not change. With those challenges, comes a lot of opportunities that I wish to tap into and support KEO in its vision to be a leading consultant in the market.

What is your take on the CM/PM field?

In recent years, the GCC markets have witnessed the rise of some of the most ambitious, large-scale, horizontal and vertical development the world has ever seen. At the forefront of these initiatives are KEO’s project and construction management professionals, transforming complexity into certainty, with unquestioned trust. There are many opportunities for Construction and Project Management and our Clients are increasingly aware of the role our field plays in the successfully delivery of their projects.

Can you explain the remit of your new role?

As the MD of PMI, this role will be crucial for KEO’s continuous growth in the market, at times that are proving to be challenging for the construction industry. I will now be heading the largest KEO business division, with over 1,300 colleagues including also our very promising Sustainability Division. I will be responsible for the running and performance of these divisions.

What are your key priorities moving forward?

Amongst my key priorities will be the development of strategic direction to grow the PMI business, enhance the project delivery and strengthen the client management processes. My aim to ensure we are serving our clients up to the highest standards and finding solutions to their needs. I will also be promoting and supporting the continued growth and delivery of the sustainability consulting services.

How will this change benefit the team?

I am a big believer in the importance of talent growth, development and succession planning are causes close to my heart. My key goal for 2018 will be to improve performance KPI’s and generate opportunities for improved performance of the divisions. Succession Planning is also vital for business continuity and this is a strategy I intend to promote throughout the division.

The role of our support services is often understated; I would therefore like to bring a better understanding of KEO’s integrated offering, which will undeniably improve both internal and external delivery.

What is your take on the PMI division?

The PMI is one of our strongest assets representing 50% of our staff, supporting the business in contributing to many of the region’s most ambitious projects, iconic places, remarkable experiences and prosperous communities. The division has enabled our clients to deliver their most complex and major projects across the Middle East.

It has supported KEO in continuously climbing the charts of international ranking as one of the top Project Management consulting firms in the world. This year KEO ranked as #9 in the recently published 2017 Engineering News Record (ENR) ‘Top 20 non-U.S Firms in International PM/CM for Projects outside the Firm’s home country’. KEO also ranked as #11 in the 2017 ENR ‘Top 20 non-U.S Firms in Total PM/CM for All Projects managed by the firm.