Sep 13, 2017

KEO projects go virtual at Cityscape Global 2017

KEO International Consultants takes a first step at using virtual reality to showcase some of its projects in the Middle East. The VR goggles were a visitor’s attraction at the KEO booth in Cityscape Global. Visitors had a chance to experience virtual reality and immerse into the future by looking at some of its key projects in a virtual world. KEO, a leading design, engineering and project management firm, is setting the scene to be at the forefront of innovation helping its clients in visualizing their projects. KEO provided an interactive experience for visitors and was able to show a different perspective of some of its most scenic projects through VR.

Brad Batcheller, Managing Director for Brand said: “We were keen to take part in Cityscape this year, the region’s biggest property investment and development exhibition, to showcase what we do and how we work with our clients. Our VR offer provided a fun and different experience which was a valuable draw to our stand.” The adoption of new technologies like VR adds to the suite of other visualization technologies used by KEO such as computer-aided design (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM) to communicate ideas with the client. There is great potential for VR in all stages of bringing a construction or engineering project to life and engineers or architects alike can benefit massively from this visual communication of their work. Now more than ever, it is becoming undoubtedly more important to collaborate visually and immerse decision-makers and clients into projects at different stages of their projects.

Rowan D’Arcy, Business Development Manager at InSite, an allied practice of KEO said: “I am really excited to be displaying the new VR technology that KEO and InSite are using on our landscape and planning projects at this year’s Cityscape. I hope that the visitors to the conference will get a chance to pass by the stand, engage with the different VR viewers we have and they leave with a greater understanding of how accessible this kind of technology is for all types of projects. These kinds of technologies are often thought of as the future of the industry but they’re are being used widely right now, so the future is here and we at KEO and InSite are fully engaging with it!”.KEO is realizing the benefits of supporting technological advancements such as Virtual Reality, which can help to transform the AEC industry.